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San Diego Regional Vendor #HQ0826

What is Respite?

The supervision and care of a client is known as Respite.

Respite can provide:

  • A break in care for the client and family

  • A special time for the person with the developmental disability

  • Time for the parents to spend together

  • Time for siblings to spend with the parents

Our Respite Workers

We strive to provide each family with the perfect Respite Worker based on the client’s needs and the Respite Worker’s background. Most of our employees are currently going to school to work in special needs related fields such as OT, Speech, PT, Special Ed, Nursing, etc. Providing the client and family with rest and relaxation will in turn help to preserve the structure of the family unit. The majority of our staff are currently going to school for areas relating to special needs- occupational therapy, special education, speech therapy, nursing, teaching, child development, etc. We have found that hiring staff that are energetic, caring, and truly interested in dedicating their lives to serving those with special needs provides for the best possible care and mentoring of our clients.


All of ARCC Center’s employees meet the requirements of the California Licensing Department which includes fingerprinting and criminal background check through the DOJ (Department of Justice) and Child Abuse Central Index.


All employees are 1st Aid & CPR Certified.


Many of our Respite Workers are Pro-ACT Certified.


All of ARCC Center’s staff are trained to work with children on the Autism Spectrum and with other special needs.


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