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Frequently Asked Questions

For Prospective Families:

Q- "How do I start services?"

A- Contact your Service Coordinator or the SDRC Intake Department if you do not have services through SDRC yet at (858)496-4318 and give them our Vendor ID# HQ0826. You can also call our office at (619)488-6002 or for more information.

Q- "Can my friend, family member, or Aide from school be my Respite Worker?"

A- Yes! Contact our office and we will arrange that for you!

For Current Families:

Q- "How do I get more sessions?"

A- Fill out the "Request for Sessions" form on the Parent Links page above!

Q- "How many hours do I have left?"
A- "You can see how many hours you have left in the quarter by logging in to your Family Room Portal!"

For Interested Applicants:

Q- "How do I apply"
A- "Click the button at the top of the site page titled "Join our Team!" and fill out the questionnaire to apply. We will get back to you if we would like for you to come in for a group interview."

Q- "How much is the pay?"
A- "The pay for new Respite workers is $17/hour plus mileage reimbursement.

For Current Employees:

Q-"When/How will I get paid"
A-"ARCC Center offers weekly pay. Paychecks will be sent out via direct deposit on Fridays for the work week prior. "

Q- "What should I do if I can't make it to a session?"

A- "Please contact the Office ASAP informing us of cancellation details. Cancellations can NOT be made within less than 24 hours from the session, or else worker may be at risk for termination"

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