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ARCC Center ABA,
Play Based Therapy

ABA therapy is a behavioral intervention that applies empirically supported strategies. ARCC Center ABA uses Naturalistic Behavioral Interventions Services and PRT with each service- PRT focuses on helping children meet their overall goals especially with language, focusing on allowing the Learner to take the lead in their session using natural motivation to learn and gain reinforcement. Parents should see an increase in language throughout their whole day with these methods- not just while in therapy.

ARCC Center ABA's program is designed to include family and client input- if something is not working we catch it and update the program to be the very best fit for the client. We have a strict 7 day BCBA Mentorship process where the Learner's program is monitored and adjusted to be the best fit. Usually a program is made before the BCBA has spent more than an hour or so with your Learner and that is the program that is set in place, our Mentorship process ensures that your Learner receives the most individualized program possible to ensure their success right from the start. 

Along with our BCBA Clinical Director, our program was designed by families for families and their children, every aspect takes into account the time and needs specific to your family. 

Contact our ARCC Center ABA Team 


(619) 488-6002

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