Self Determination/FMS

Financial Management Services (FMS)

The Self-Determination Program requires participants to use a Financial Management Service (FMS) to pay for services on their behalf. The FMS is completely independent of the Regional Center, but it is required that an FMS be a service vendored through your local regional center. To learn more about the Self-Determination Program you can contact your local Regional Center or you can find information at this DDS link.


On your behalf, ARCC Center will

- make the payments for Regional Center Services

- Conduct any required or requested background screening, verification of licensing and education 

- pay the taxes on behalf of your staff – ensuring that all employment laws are followed

- provide you with a monthly accounting statement to show how your individual budget has been spent.


With over 12 years of experience providing Respite services to Regional Center clients, we are proud to introduce this new service offering for our clients enrolled in the Self-Determination Program.


ARCC Center is Vendored for all three types of Financial Management Services and can provide clarification if you have any questions.

FMS as Bill-Payer:

In this model, you do not hire any staff directly, but just purchase services from agencies, or purchase items as indicated in the Person Centered Plan (PCP)

FMS as Sole-Employer:

In this model, in addition to bill payments, the Self-Determination Program Participant hires workers directly and is responsible for obtaining any required insurance, workers-comp.

FMS as Co-Employer:

In this model, in addition to bill paying, the Self-Determination Program Participant uses the FMS as the employer of their workers.  ARCC Center handles the insurance, workers-comp and tax liabilities, and assists in recruiting workers.

*We are equipped to handle budgets of any size. 

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